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// Leaf Audio VCO + Expander

Finally the Collaboration with Hagen and Manu from LEAF AUDIO and EXPLODING SHED bring up a DIYable Analog VCO I´ve designed for a fat and rich sound. My idea to make it expandable leads us to another release of a piece of hardware in the following months.
Also these guys were busy supporting you with everything you need to build up your own EURORACK modular synthesizer. Check out the EXPLODING SHED Synth DIY Online Shop



Loon.attic asyLum -> OUT NOW

My new ambient album is no longer hidden and ready for some cloudy days.

A demonstration scene mix show´s the direction the song will go but doesn´t touch all substance of them. If you like the sound get the 9 track full lenght album for 8€ and travel trough moonlight crafted hardware ambient songs.

check out bandcamp: Loon.attic asyLum

to do …

MUSICALLY TO DO(oooooooos):

loon.attic asylum ambient album release
reconfig of the live techno schredderling material
final mix for all my NDW tracks and training 4 liveper4mance
4 track techno selection 4 open circuit and others
missed 80´s NDW album release
dub plate album release

and within alle these processes special production of songs 4 people who arent able to produce the music by their ideas

.. and some live gigs with als these different music


creating some new hardware will follow

OLD GOLD .. LivePer4mance

In a time were my AKA was d3mons for dance oriented music i did some collaborations with my friend Gjaezon from Cleveland. We liked Partiing hard at a Party and after Years i just want to share this piece of live performance .. check it out:

d3mons and gjeazon live garden groove

Leshrac´s Night Novels @ Clear Memory 2016

here you get an insight view of Lehracs Ambient Box

Leshrac on Soundcloud



Leshrac unveils two new Releases today. The Songs were made in the last seven years and are collected together into two Albums. A lot of different Instruments were used, including Guitars, Bass, Drumcomputers, Synthesizers and Modular Systems. Also voices by Leshrac and some plenty sampleworks out of ancient greytone movies.

Catch the interstellar mood Leshrac provides with COURSEDRIFT were sounds melting together while the engine room pumping the spaceship through the dimensions.

Because of beeing a big fan of „real“ instruments and singing, vroctal viBes is the collection of your choice. The release contains just handmade songs with original sound.

have fun on


LESHRAC reveals 2 new Albums soon

Iam proud to announce Leshrac will release two new Albums soon.
Now i thinking about create a record label for all that music coming out in the future.
we will see how and were the two new albums become official. temporarely we are working on the cover design while the music is already finished.
the music on both albums differ 100% each other !!
stay tuned


Leshrac on Bandcamp reveals another lasted release

from the past. its a VA compilation of the collaboration

label BLATT in 2011. find the music here:

SFM16-1 a new filterboard for the SYNVOIZ

the SFM16-1 is a filterboard for the semimodular synthesizer SYNVOIZ by

the synth is expandable by filterboards to enhance the sonic possibilities. the reason is: you will not or you definetly love a synth because of its sound. most available synthesizers on the marked have a built in filter, also there maybe you like its sound or not.

the synvoiz provides a sonical madness in creating timbres by just two oscilators. with a simple patch a third one is possible.
you can choose yourself what is going thru the filter or not. to give more flexibiliy, its so easy to change just a single board to give a fresh new sound to the device.

sounds from the synvoiz with the new filterboard: SFM16-1


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