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Dezember 2015


Leshrac on Bandcamp reveals another lasted release

from the past. its a VA compilation of the collaboration

label BLATT in 2011. find the music here:


SFM16-1 a new filterboard for the SYNVOIZ

the SFM16-1 is a filterboard for the semimodular synthesizer SYNVOIZ by

the synth is expandable by filterboards to enhance the sonic possibilities. the reason is: you will not or you definetly love a synth because of its sound. most available synthesizers on the marked have a built in filter, also there maybe you like its sound or not.

the synvoiz provides a sonical madness in creating timbres by just two oscilators. with a simple patch a third one is possible.
you can choose yourself what is going thru the filter or not. to give more flexibiliy, its so easy to change just a single board to give a fresh new sound to the device.

sounds from the synvoiz with the new filterboard: SFM16-1


On soundcloud you´ll find different synvoiz sound demos. Get a slight impression of how it sounds.

Follow this Link:

mole tare EP

Released in the past on NULOGIC, the EP is now available for free on Bandcamp.

enjoy the mole tare EP for free in lossless audio quality. just enter zero bucks or spent some if you like.

the contained songs were created by layering different modulators and sounds for creating organic wavepatterns. flying drones, speaking synths and slight cosmic effects. explore deep athmospheric landscapes. crafted with hardware gear directly connected to the brain.


Leshracs Labor ist Online

Leshracs Labor ist nun auch im Internet vertreten.
Hier auf WordPress, drüben bei Facebook und auch auf Bandcamp, gibt es  reichlich Material zum erkunden.

Auf dieser Seite geht es vorallem um die Gerätschaften und Projekte physischer Natur.

Doch die Musik soll keinesfalls zu Kurz kommen. So wäre es sicher sinnloser Webspace wenn er nicht auch für Musik genutzt werden würde. Zumindest das werben diese wird hier vorlieb nehmen.

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